Fest Finder

Fest Finder Logo

Fest Finder was my first large scale grad school project. The concept was to build an app to connect people to local events. The project made it through a blueprint phase in May 2013. Concepts are included below with a mock launch article for a fictional publication for a class demonstration exercise.

Fest Finder Mock Article

Animated Logos

Blueprint Screen Shots

Fest Finder Welcome Screen

Fest Finder Welcome screen with prompt for using location data from phone GPS.

Fest Finder Map Screen

Fest Finder Map screen with location pins for nearby events (orange) and user physical location (blue).

Fest Finder Event List Screen

Fest Finder Event List screen. Events are listed in date order.

Fest Finder Event Detail Screen

Fest Finder Event screen with information on a given event.

Fest Finder Event Share Options

Fest Finder Event Share screen with prompts for sharing to various networks.

Fest Finder Search Screen 1

Fest Finder Search screen with prompts for filtering event information.

Fest Finder Search Screen 2

Fest Finder Search screen with prompt for selecting a specific venue.

Fest Finder Settings Screen

Fest Finder Settings screen with options for how to display data.